Catherine Holt Designs exists to inspire a well-curated collection of jewelry to work with the customers ever changing lifestyle.
Texas-based designers Cindy Barnard, Jan Clinkscale and Chelsea Ray created Catherine Holt Designs because the three friends were not finding enough of the pieces they love to wear, that didn’t require a “special occasion buy”. Collectively they design, globally source and curate each piece. 
Catherine Holt Designs are inspired by its creators’ lifestyle and the understanding that jewelry should be effortless.

Why the name Catherine Holt?

Catherine Holt Designs honors the past with their brand’s name. Chelsea shared with Cindy and Jan how her grandmother Catherine used fashion and jewelry as an extension of her personality.
Her style was evocative of the warmth and charisma she possessed.

Thus, as a true testament to Catherine, her style will continue on through Catherine Holt Designs. Also, it helped that she had a beautiful name!